On Merry Christmas

13 October 2017
President Trump reignited the "war on Christmas" on Friday, telling a crowd of supporters that "we're saying merry Christmas again" now that he's president. [Source]

On The NFL

9 October 2017
In a political stunt, Mike Pence left Sunday's game between the Indianapolis Colts and San Francisco 49ers after some players took a knee during the national anthem.. [Source]

Trump has tweeted 14 times about the NFL, while several natural disasters actively happen in the United States and tensions with North Korea increase.

On Vacation

1 October 2017
Trump's trip to Bedminster, NJ is his 16th personal trip in 8 months. If he stays on this pace he'll have taken 72 personal trips in 3 years.[Source]

2 August 2017
The president is due Friday to take his first extended vacation from Washington since the inauguration — a 17-day getaway to his private golf club in central New Jersey. [Source]

10 April 2017
In his first year, Trump is on pace to surpass Obama's *8 years* of spending.. [Source]

21 August 2017
The RNC and Trump have already raised $86.5 million for his 2020 re-election campaign, since the start of the year. It's the earliest that a sitting President has ever began a re-election campaign. [Source]

On Hurricanes

29 September 2017
As storm-ravaged Puerto Rico struggled for food and water amid the darkness of power outages — Trump and his top aides effectively went dark themselves. Trump jetted to New Jersey that Thursday night to spend a long weekend at his private golf club there, save for a quick trip to Alabama for a political rally. Neither Trump nor any of his senior White House aides said a word publicly about the unfolding crisis. [Source] [Source]

30 August 2017
Trump visit Texas to witness the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. He doesn't meet with any victims, instead landing briefly and giving a speech to the press. He says that the damage is a "very expensive situation". Meanwhile, he continues to fundraise for his 2020 re-election, the earliest of any sitting President. [Source] [Source]

On Email and Political Dirt

25 September 2017
At least six of President Trump’s closest advisers occasionally used private email addresses to discuss White House matters, current and former officials said on Monday. [Source]

11 July 2017
The June 3, 2016, email sent to Donald Trump Jr. could hardly have been more explicit: One of his father’s former Russian business partners had been contacted by a senior Russian government official and was offering to provide the Trump campaign with dirt on Hillary Clinton. [Source]

On Healthcare

25 September 2017
The still-evolving Senate Republican replacement for the Affordable Care Act could make health insurance unaffordable for millions of middle-aged Americans by allowing insurers to raise premiums for those with pre-existing conditions. [Source]

22 June 2017
The Senate health care bill would cut hundreds of billions of dollars from Medicaid, a program that Donald Trump once promised not to touch. [Source][Source]


On The Debt Ceiling

6 September 2017
Trump bucks GOP leadership, backs Democratic deal on debt ceiling. [Source]

On Immigration and DACA

"You have people in this country for 20 years, they've done a great job. They've done wonderfully. They've gone to school. They've gotten good marks. They're productive. Now we're supposed to send them out of the country? I don't believe in that."

5 September 2017
Trump moves to end DACA. [Source]

On National Parks Shutdown

23 August 2017
President Donald Trump threatened Tuesday to bring the U.S. government to the brink of a shutdown if needed to pressure Congress into funding the border wall that was a centerpiece of his 2016 campaign.. [Source]

On Afghanistan

20 August 2017
Trump settles on Afghan strategy, raising troop levels. [Source]

On Approval Ratings

15 August 2017
Trump just broke his own personal record, with a 34% approval rating, as tracked by Gallup polling. [Source]

On Nuclear Weapons

9 August 2017
Trump touts US nuclear arsenal amid standoff with North Korea. [Source]

On Funding Cronies

5 August 2017
Trump frequents Mar-a-Lago, which he's referred to as the "Southern White House," and other clubs on weekends. [Source]

3 February 2017
Documents filed with the Federal Election Commission show that Trump's 2016 campaign paid millions of dollars to fly on his aircraft, compensate his relatives for unspecified campaign activities and rent space in Trump properties, including Trump Tower in New York, the Trump golf club in Bedminster, N.J., and Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.. [Source]

4 August 2017
A limited liability company managed by Trump sold two condominium apartments to a limited liability company managed by Eric Trump. They were on the 13th and 14th floors of a 14-story, full-service, doorman building at 100 Central Park South in Manhattan. This is a prime Midtown neighborhood, yet the sale price for each condo was just $350,000. [Source]

6 February 2017
The younger of President Trump’s two adult sons was accompanied by a Secret Service detail and joined on site by State Department staff, which together gave the business trip the unmistakable gloss of a diplomatic one. It also cost U.S. taxpayers nearly $100,000 in hotels alone. [Source]

On Familly Travel and Cost

14 April 2017
His and Hers jets, paid for with YOUR tax dollars: Melania adds $100,000 to Trump's massive travel tab so she could fly separately to Mar-a-Lago with Barron, just minutes apart from the President. [Source]

August 4 2017

On Chief of Staff Churn

31 July 2017
President Donald Trump fired Anthony Scarmucci [, his second Chief of Staff,] on Monday before his communications director could fire everyone else that works for the president. [Source]

On Net Neutrality

12 July 2017
Ajit Pai, appointed to head the FCC by Trump, is planning to eliminate Net Neutrality. [Source]

On Retaliatory Violence

2 July 2017
Posted on Trump's personal Twitter account, it shows him clotheslining wrestling empresario Vince McMahon at a "Wrestlemania" match 10 years ago that was billed as "The Battle of the Billionaires." As Trump knocks McMahon to the ground with a forearm slam, an apparently photo-shopped CNN logo covers McMahon's face. [Source]

27 May 2017
Back when he was still a candidate and not president of the United States, Donald Trump had a suggestion for winning the battle against the Islamic State: “Take out their families. A year and a half later, Trump is now president — and on Friday, a monitoring group said that airstrikes from a U.S.-backed coalition on a town in Syria had killed a large number of relatives of Islamic State fighters. [Source]

9 August 2016
Donald J. Trump on Tuesday appeared to raise the possibility that gun rights supporters could take matters into their own hands if Hillary Clinton is elected president and appoints judges who favor stricter gun control measures.. [Source]

On Supporting LGBTs

26 July 2017

30 June 2017
Trump WH declines to recognize LGBT Pride Month. [Source]

On The Border Wall

26 September 2017
After months of competition and preparation, contractors broke ground Tuesday on eight prototypes for President Trump's long-promised border wall. [Source]

15 July 2017
"One of the things with the wall is you need transparency. You have to be able to see through it," [President Trump] said. "So it could be a steel wall with openings, but you have to have openings because you have to see what's on the other side of the wall." [Source]

Not to mention Trump regularly tweets negative things at others.

On Responding to KIAs

19 June 2017

Trump tweets condolences to fallen Navy sailors.

On Issuing Executive Orders

14 June 2017
Former President Obama issued 39 Executive Orders his first year, 20 total by June 14. President Trump issued 36 by June 14. [Source][Source]

On Dodging Questions

31 May 2017
White House says it will refer all Russia questions to "outside counsel". [Source]

On "Radical Islam"

23 May 2017
Trump, in his joint press conference with President Abbas, did not call them "radical Islam", he called them "evil losers". [Source]

On Personal Energy

22 May 2017
Donald Trump drops out of Saudi Arabia event due to 'exhaustion'. [Source]

On Saudi Arabia and Deals

18 May 2017
President Trump and Jared Kushner finalize $110 billion weapons sale to Saudi Arabia . [Source]

21 May 2017
Ivanka Trump's women's fund rceived $100 million in donations from Saudia Arabia. [Source]

On Saudi Arabia and Customs

20 May 2017
Melania Trump went without a headscarf as she arrived in Saudi Arabia with President Trump. [Source]

On Leaking Classified Information

16 May 2017
President Trump rumored to leak classified information to Russian ambassador. [Source]

16 May 2017
President Trump confirms he leaked. [Source]

On Golf Outings (25 Tweets)

3 July 2017
Donald Trump has spent more than 21 percent of his days as president at golf clubs. [Source]

4 June 2017
After Calls To ‘Get Down’ To Business, Trump Goes On 23rd Trip To Golf Course. [Source]

8 May 2017
Donald Trump has played golf 15 times to Obama's 1 as of May 8. [Source]

On Syria (6 Tweets)

17 June 2017
Last Thursday, his seventy-seventh day in office, President Donald Trump pressed the cruise-missile button, sending fifty-nine Tomahawks to strike an airbase in Syria. [Source]

On Congress Rule Changes

30 May 2017

On Critics

13 May 2017
"We don't need a lecture from Washington on how to lead our lives," Trump told the packed stadium of thousands at the nation's largest Christian college, saying that he's seen "how the system is broken" in D.C. and populated by individuals "who think they know everything." [Source]

On Anonymous Sources

28 May 2017

On Sheldon Adelson

19 April 2017
[Sheldon Adelson] donated $5 million to the committee organizing Mr. Trump’s inauguration festivities — the largest single contribution given to any president’s inaugural committee. [Source]

On Transparency

21 January 2017
President Donald Trump will not release his tax returns because 'people didn’t care' about it during the election, one of his top aides said Sunday. [Source]

14 April 2017
The White House will keep most of its visitor logs secret, a senior administration official confirmed to NBC News Friday. The decision comes after months of questions about the fate of the Obama-era precedent of releasing White House visitor logs and marks another stark contrast between the administrations. [Source]

On Civilian Casualties

30 March 2017
The civilian death toll under Trump has been in the spotlight since the botched Jan. 29 raid in Yemen that resulted in the deaths of a Navy SEAL and at least 23 civilians. [Source]

On Iraq

20 March 2017
"Perhaps we shouldn’t have gone in, but certainly we shouldn’t have left, we never ever should have left and the vacuum was created," Trump said Monday during a photo session with Abadi. [Source]

On Immunity

31 March 2017
President Trump tweets that Michael Flynn, Trump administration's National Security Advisor, should ask for immunity due to his involvement with the Russians.

On Ignorance

28 February 2017
"Now, I have to tell you, it's an unbelievably complex subject," President Trump said. "Nobody knew health care could be so complicated." [Source]

On Fundraising

18 February 2017
Trump signaled his intent to run for a second term by filing with the FEC within hours of assuming the presidency. This transformed his 2016 election committee into one incorporating re-election for 2020. The early beginning of the campaign was highly unorthodox. Trump marked the official start of the campaign with a rally in Melbourne, Florida, on February 18, 2017, less than a month after taking office. By February 1, 2017, the campaign had already raised over $7 million. [Source]

On Teleprompters

20 January 2017
President Trump uses a teleprompter to deliver his inaugural speech. [Source]

On The Electoral College

15 November 2017
President-Elect Trump tweeted this after winning the election, but losing the popular vote.